Read the steps below this video for perfect distressing.

This video shows how to simply and quickly distress the panels on the Distressed Biker Skinny Jeans or Distressed Biker Jeans.

Step 1: Go through and pull apart all of the horizontal strands so that most of the vertical pieces clinging together break apart.

Step 2: Get any scissors and cut down the middle of the horizontal strands so that they create the side fraying.

Step 3: Go around the edges of the distressed area and pull apart the strands so that they create more of a frayed look.

Step 4: In the 4 corner areas of the distressed area, use your hands to tear back the fabric nearer to the corners of the panel. In the video we show it being cut with scissors, but using your hands to naturally tear the fabric gives a more torn look.

Step 5: If you decide to use scissors, use your fingernails to scrape at the cut edges and with your fingertips pick at the threads so that they get distressed looking.

Slowly over time when wearing the pants you can play with the frayed edges to pick away at the loose threads so that over time the pants get a heavy distressed look.

NOTE: The example pair on the website was only done up until Step 4.